Relationship Between Office Design and Productivity

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A company office is more than juts the four walls it sits in and not just to the clients, but to the staff as well. Studies have actually shown that the design of the office have a direct effect on staff productivity. Yes, that’s right. The position of your office partition can determine whether or not those department reports are going to get to you in time or not. An office is more than just a space people perform menial tasks. Architecture, lighting and desktop organisation are all office design factors that directly impact the productivity of the work place.

Let us look at how office design determines productivity:

Open plan office versus closed spaces

An open plan office may seem like a great idea when it comes to office aesthetics especially because they are really good to look at but the fact is that using a few office partition walls to give workers private work spaces would be a great idea. This is because not everyone can handle distractions. A closed space that gives privacy would make for optimum performance.

Access to natural light

Considering the fact that employees spend the better part of the day indoors, a lot of them tend to be more vibrant when it is bright and sunny. Perhaps this is why corner offices with that perfect view are in so much demand. Research shows that employees who do not have access to natural light tend to be drowsy and sleepy in the afternoons. As someone who runs a commercial office, you may want to consider visiting this page for professional advice on commercial office fit outs

Get some artwork in there

Art has always been known to add a pop to any room. It is basically eye candy. Getting some art on the walls and on your workstation leads to an increase in productivity and also makes the office look and feel more welcoming. It can be something as simple as family portrait, a framed quote or a simple cut out mounted on the wall. However simple your choice of art is, it will have a great effect on the general mood of your office.

Set some space for relaxation

With all the work employees do, they are subject to eyestrain and stiff necks especially if they work with computer screens all day long. Setting aside a small space in the office for your staff to relax may just be what your office needs to get that boost in their performance. It does not have to be crazy fancy like they have at Google or Uber. It can be a small lunch spot or even an informal meeting room. The best news about this is that you do not even have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve this. You could get an old warehouse into the ideal working space just by using an office fit out designer to turn that dull space into the perfect working environment, click here for a reputable Melbourne based office refurbishment company.

Everyone wants to work in a conducive environment. However, conducive environments are more than just friendly people enclosed in the four walls. It also has to do with how your office is designed and the aesthetics. If you don’t believe it, try getting some light in and introducing a break room if you do not already have one and then sit back and watch how much more efficient your business is going to be.