Different Roofing Issues and Potential Problems

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Roofing issues tend to be a recurring issue in most homes. After every few years, there’s a leak here or a missing shingle there or mould somewhere else. Sometimes solving the issue could be as easy as plugging a leak. Other times the process of fixing these issues may turn out to be a grueling affair. It is also possible that some issues might go unnoticed. Unless a missing shingle has a direct implication on the interior of the house the owners might not be too concerned about it.

General good practice for any owner is to have a professional from a roofing company inspect their roof regularly. This will ensure that minor issues are addressed as just that and that major issues get the attention they deserve.

Older roofs tend to be more fragile than newer ones as they are probably nearing the end of their life expectancy. As a result, they exhibit numerous symptoms. Examples of these include:

  • Curling shingles.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Missing granules.
  • Damaged flashings.

Normally any of the above symptoms on a localised area of the roof could lead to roof restoration. This means that the damaged areas will have to be repaired. Missing and curling shingles will have to be replaced with new ones. After that, the roof should be cleaned professionally and finally coated using special roofing materials. The results expected of this exercise is that the roof will end up good as new in both functionality and looks. This, however, should only be done on roofs that are nowhere near the end of their age limit.

Of course, replacing your roof is always an available option and having to re roof your residence is a common occurrence when dealing with damaged roofs, you very likely will need to look towards a professional roof replacement company such as the one I found on this site who service residential roofs in Perth. Restoring your own roof is a dangerous and exhausting task and you will save yourself time and money getting a professional.  

When the above-mentioned symptoms seem to be happening together all over the roof then it might be time to consider replacement. Other factors that come into play is whether the sheathing is damaged. If the deck has been weakened by moisture it might not be able to hold up the roof much longer.

Roof replacement is considered a cure-all for all diseases roof related. This is because everything is brought down from the shingles to the decking. Then new materials are put in place of the old ones. This process might sometimes interfere with HVAC systems on the roof. They may also have to be brought down and returned at the end of the process.

This is usually an extremely expensive affair for the owner. Additionally, residents will have to find other living arrangements while the project is ongoing. If done correctly the owner has a good number of years before they start experiencing roofing issues again. However certain circumstances may induce the need for a new roof before the appointed time. Examples include:

  • Severe storms damaging the roof beyond repair.
  • House remodeling may require a totally new roof.
  • If the owner is looking to sell a house they can sell it for a much higher price if the roof is new.

A fact worth mentioning is that metal roofing has been touted as a better alternative to asphalt shingles. It seems it can last longer and is way more affordable than its counterpart. If you find yourself in need of a new roof installation then metal roofing is definitely an option you should consider, just ensure you find a local company who will get the job done right, you can find the Perth roofing company I ended up using by following the link. If you aren't from Perth then I wish you luck in your future roof restoration or installation as it can be a long process.