Conduct Safe Tree Removal

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transplantBeing a home owner, one might at one time or the other be faced with the unattractive prospect of having to take down a tree. There is no doubt about the benefits of trees, but sometimes, the good outweighs the bad and they simply have to go. A tree might need removal if it is old and dying or dead, and poses unnecessary health risks to the people in the home. Sometimes, one tree might be hindering the growth of another more important tree. One might have identified a more suitable tree species and with little or no space, be faced with the prospect of sacrificing one for another. Whatever the situation, an arborist will have to come in to do the job, arborists are the tree specialists, and deal with various aspects of these services and surgery.

There are many different removal techniques available. One can have the tree removed from the roots or use a shredder or grinder to cut it out. Another popular method is to use chemicals to rot the tree from the inside such that it falls down easily. A Melbourne arborist can be brought in to decide on the best possible method of removal that is most suitable. Time is a big factor when choosing the method to use. Chemically induced felling will take up to four to six weeks to finish while the use of a grinder will be more immediate. However, this will leave behind a stump that will have to be dealt with sometime. There are different methods of removing the base stump, and an arborist will help with this process. Some bases need not be removed because a new tree limb can begin to sprout from it with time. Other people find ways to use the remaining base to improve the aesthetics of the home.

Tree Removal and Surgery

treeremovalBefore settling for which tree transplanting company to use, one is advised to shop around. For smaller tree transplant and relocation jobs, one can be allowed to use their own equipment and deal with the job. However, with bigger, older trees, there may be need to hire someone to handle the transplanting job. Companies and professionals have the right equipment, knowledge and manpower to deal with these large trees. They will also have the right know how and the equipment to clear the compound of the debris as soon as possible. Before settling, one should ask for quotation from many places and choose the one that offers the best deal.

Also important is the planning process in terms of preparing the area around the tree that is to be felled. Without proper planning and consideration, the cutting of the tree can cause damage to property and buildings. Removal of one tree might result in the weakening of the roots of another or the base, which might result in it being an unnecessary hazard in the compound. The best way of going about solving this planning problem is to have the arborist inspect the area to determine the problem areas. They will then advise on the best and safest way forward.